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Ottawa's Best Steak and Burgers

Luxe is described as contemporary and refined, yet casual. Enjoy a delicious quick
bite or relax and enjoy an exceptional meal. The expertly prepared food is straight forward, simple without unnecessary fuss. The freshness and flavours of ingredients
shine through without being hidden by un-required distractions.

Luxe is pleased to offer in-restaurant gift certificates. Please email info@luxebistro.com for details.

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LUXE continues to maintain its excellent reputation for serving
the best steaks and burgers in Ottawa!

At LUXE, we like nothing better than seeing a dining room filled with happy guests, enjoying delicious food and friendly service in a great location.

For the next little while, this is something that we will no longer be seeing.

As of today, the dining room at Luxe Bistro as well as our private dining and events space Luxe LOFT will be closed until further notice. The health and well being of our citizens and our staff are far too important and we are taking measures to slow and control the spread of COVID-19.

We will be providing our food via UBER EATS, DOORDASH, as well as offering "drive-through" and personal home delivery service of our menu items.

In order to avoid busy grocery stores, we would be happy to include staples that you may be running low on with our delivery. This will ensure contact /interaction with as few people as possible as we will only have 1-2 staff at any given time working on this.

Please contact noah@luxebistro.com, or call 613-866-8256 to set up any food deliveries to your home, or pickup outside of our restaurant. Just because you are stuck at home, doesn't mean you can't spoil yourself with great food and no work.

We look forward to opening our doors again to a happy and healthy world that is ready to eat, drink and be served like royalty!

We are pleased to offer a brand new beautiful private dining and events space located upstairs from LUXE BISTRO
please see the link below for details
email noah@luxebistro.com for information

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